• A Look at Linux Lite

    A YouTuber I have followed for years just posted a series of videos about the new monster Linux computer he just built. This thing has an eight-core processor. Each core is multi-threaded, so his System Monitor reports 16 cores, mind you. It has 32 GB’s of memory, a video card with two cooling fans and… Read more »

  • How To Set Up a Recipe Server

    Today Gary asked… Would you mind doing a walk-through on how to setup a file server, perhaps alongside my existing media server (movies and music) from a fairly new Linux user perspective. Will different types of servers coexist without problems? I would like to setup a file server for recipes so that my wife could… Read more »

  • Linux for your Loved Ones

    Few things in this life are more frustrating than trying to provide tech support to loved ones. If you’re reading this, odds are you’ve run into this experience yourself at some point in your life. Now, I should point out that no operating system is completely free from bugs. Even the most locked down devices,… Read more »

  • Gnarly Backup Logo

    Backing Up Only Recent Files

      Gnarly Backup School Series Getting backups done is important. Sometimes what you have to backup and what you want to backup make quite the contrast. Consider I never want to back up my .mozilla/firefox//cache directory. Let’s cover how to avoid that. Because if you don’t, things get really bunk, little dude. Before you freak… Read more »

  • Ubuntu MATE 1510

    Installing Ubuntu MATE on a MacBook Pro with UEFI

    Back in October, I explained how you can install Ubuntu on a Mac. It was a complete guide that included everything from dual-booting with OS X down to making sure the you’re able to use the right tools for the initial partitioning. In this article, we take it to the next level by doing the… Read more »

  • Pound

    Making a Non-Spamming Alert using Diff

    Being on pager duty is a downer. And it’s a big mistake that ruins the on-call or first-responder position when you allocate no-no time to actually invest in a useful reporting platform. Like many before me, I used to create exactly that evil: write a bash script, and throw it in cron. Example of the… Read more »

  • Schedule Tasks with Cron

    I tell people who are curious about Linux that you really don’t need to open a terminal to run a Desktop. The terminal is a scary thing for noobs. They get the willies when you start talking about it. While it is true that modern desktops provide pretty much all the point-and-click functionality you could… Read more »

  • Parsing a Git Patch with Bash

    I probably could have done this in perl and it would have been much faster…but I could say that about a lot of things. My problem is that Perl is not my command-line. Perl can be a REPL, but bash always is a REPL. Ever look at a patch file? If you’re a programmer that… Read more »

  • Divided Over Ubuntu’s Unity

    I find it very ironic that one of the most divisive things that ever hit the Linux scene is a Desktop Environment called Unity. For those of you who are late to the party, Unity was introduced by Canonical in 2010 and became the default desktop experience on Ubuntu with the release of Ubuntu 11.04…. Read more »

  • Manage your Linux Box with htop

    There is one application that I simply must have on every Linux system I install and that’s htop. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a virtual machine or installed on hardware. It doesn’t matter what distribution it is or whether the system is running a GUI Desktop Environment or not, I gotta have htop. It has… Read more »