Top 5 Linux Apps For Writing

Top 5 Linux Apps For Writing

Top 5 Linux Apps For Writing. Keeping in mind that not all Linux apps for writing are created equal nor do they each provide the same functionality. Today I’ll provide you with my top five Linux app picks for writing. ## Support the Patreon, now with new Just Ask Matt support options – ##… Read more »

Debian vs Ubuntu - Their Differences and Similarities

Debian vs Ubuntu – Their Differences and Similarities

Debian vs Ubuntu, their differences and similarities. While Ubuntu is based on Debian, there are some areas where the two distros differ. In this video I’ll discuss Debian and Ubuntu, how they differ from one another and how despite these differences the two Linux distros manage to do amazing things. ## Debian vs Ubuntu. ##… Read more »

Best Ubuntu Apps

The Best Ubuntu Apps

Best Ubuntu Apps. There are countless apps or applications for Ubuntu and other Linux distros available. However, I feel strongly that these five Linux apps are must have software, especially the first four software titles. The latter is simply an application I feel strongly that most of us who have large ebook libraries ought to… Read more »

5 Reasons To Use Ubuntu MATE

5 Reasons To Use Ubuntu MATE

5 reasons to use Ubuntu MATE. I have contributed both in ideas and in the past, financially to Ubuntu MATE. It’s a solid Linux distro that really shines in its stability and usability. Today I’m sharing my top five reasons why I think you should consider using Ubuntu MATE as your goto Linux distro. **********************************************************… Read more »

Not showing support for applications or distros that support you.

Top Five Linux Desktop Mistakes We Make

Top five Linux desktop mistakes we make. Let’s face it, we as humans tend to miss stuff when it comes to technology sometimes. This is especially true in the Linux community. What do you think? Perhaps Linux users are getting better about avoiding these mistakes when running their favorite Linux distros? Hit the YouTube comments,… Read more »

Linux Bluetooth Headset Fix

Linux Bluetooth Headset Fix

Linux Bluetooth Headset Fix. Here’s how I got my Broadcom BCM20702 chipset generic Bluetooth dongle to provide both high-fidelity and headset capability to my Bluetooth headset with mic. Source: Plugable USB Bluetooth Adapter: Solving HFP/HSP and A2DP Profile Issues on Linux In a terminal: First let’s make sure we have a compatible USB Bluetooth dongle,… Read more »

Can't Burn CDs in Ubuntu 18.04 Fix

JC’s Favorite BASH Commands

We chill and look at some cool commands for the BASH terminal and scripts. Link to the list of commands: Please join the discussion at EzeeTalk. It’s free, secure and fun! Please be sure to give EzeeLinux a ‘Like’ on Facebook! Thanks! Check out for more about Linux.

Best Linux Distros for Beginners

Best Linux Distros for Beginners

Best Linux Distros for Beginners. Some of you may disagree, others may have other distros they feel are better suited for newcomers and Linux beginners. That said, these four distros are my top picks based on factors such as ease of use, it’s reliable and hardware detection is solid. Do you have other distros that… Read more »

Can't Burn CDs in Ubuntu 18.04 Fix

Linux vs. Windows The Fundamental Differences

We talk about the differences between Linux and Windows. Please be sure to give EzeeLinux a ‘Like’ on Facebook! Thanks! and Check out

Can't Burn CDs in Ubuntu 18.04 Fix

Linux Distributions Deconstructed

Wanna know what’s in a Linux Distribution? Watch this video: The notes used in the video are available here:: A good bit of the above comes from: A great place to learn more about Linux is a book called “The Linux Command Line” by William Shotts. Free download: Please be sure to… Read more »

  • ssh

    SSH Is For Dummies Too!

    If you’ve been hanging around the Linux ecosystem for any length of time, you’ve most likely heard about SSH. For those who may not already know, SSH is a secure shell that allows you to log into any computer, anywhere in the world, that is running an SSH server. You might think that it’s just… Read more »

  • podcasting

    Linux Audio Podcast Software

    Today Ole writes, Hi Matt, I have checked out the list of software on Datamation, but I did not find much more than audacity for recording podcasts, can you please help me? I need good recording software and a program for making the podcast feed, thanks. Hi Ole, The good news is that you asked… Read more »

  • Albert-Launcher

    Out with Synapse in with Albert!

    Okay, so perhaps Synapse is still around and kicking. And when it’s not segfault(ing) for no reason whatsoever, it’s a great keyboard launcher! Unfortunately, my patience has run thin enough with it that I’ve decided it was time to part ways – for good. Over the past week or so, I spent a fair amount… Read more »

  • PulseAudio

    PulseAudio is a Toilet Full of Roses

    Before I even begin, allow me to save you some time. If you’re convinced that PulseAudio is going to ruin your Linux experience, then you can try the tips in this article to disable it in Ubuntu. Should you try to remove it, good luck. Yes, it’s “possible“, but it’s not something I recommend. For… Read more »

  • rampage

    Bacon and Linux

    The first rule of bacon in my house is not to allow anything labeled bacon to enter the building. Real bacon, the best bacon, comes from the meat section and says something like “sliced pork belly” on the vacuum sealed packaging label. This bacon is thick cut. The perfect thickness for cooking over the grill… Read more »

  • greybeard

    Your Beard Doesn’t Intimidate Me Anymore!

    Linux is a community environment.  Whether it’s the professionals over at RedHat, Canonical, and Suse or the guys who got together and decided to create Hannah Montana Linux, behind every project there’s usually a community.  My first attempt at Linux came in the desert in Iraq.  We were building a router lab and I had… Read more »

  • Manjaro Linux Left Me Cold

    I had a short but intense affair with Manjaro that ended in our going our separate ways. It was not I who ended what seemed to be a promising relationship, though. Obviously, Manjaro had had enough of me after only 4 days and left me cold. I’m still confused as to just what happened but… Read more »

  • taret-tux

    How Big Is Your Target?

    In his 2014 TED presentation Cory Doctorow compares an open system of development to the scientific method and credits the methods for bringing mankind out of the dark ages. Tim Berners-Lee has a very credible claim to patent the technology that runs the internet, but instead has championed for its open development. This open development… Read more »

  • UbuntuTablet

    The Ubuntu Tablet – Why I’m Grabbing One

    If you’ve been following Canonical/Ubuntu at all, you’re probably aware of the announcement of their first Ubuntu Tablet, the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition. It is being produced by the manufacturer that made one of Canonical’s first Ubuntu phones, BQ, headquartered out of Spain. Currently there are two versions to choose from: The FHD (Full HD)… Read more »

  • Gnarly Backup Logo

    Tar vs Rsync

    Files getting lost or corrupted? A most heinous challenge, dude! So when strange things are afoot at the Linux-workstation, we totally hit our backups. We need to get started…but what commands should we use? We can use:   1. tar to make daily backups of all files, 2. or combine find and tar to back… Read more »