• Aido

    Aido – The Latest Home Robot Rolls Onto the Scene

    Looking for an Open source, GNU/Linux based R2-D2 for your home? But one that talks instead of beeping and…making that other sound that R2-D2 makes? Aido’s got you covered. Aido is a home assistant/robot from InGen Dynamics Inc., a Pal Alto-based automation firm, and is the brainchild of Arshad Hisham, a self-proclaimed robotophile and CEO… Read more »

  • The Ubuntu Tipping Point – Maybe

    I got a big shock today when I looked at the analytics for my humble little YouTube channel. I posted a rather dry video showing off some of the new features of Ubuntu 16.04 just before it went to beta and in less than three weeks it has gotten more than 25,000 views. Wow! That’s… Read more »

  • Food for Linux

    Poor man’s Guide to Remote Linux Desktop Support

    Before anyone poo-poos this, read the ENTIRE article first. 😉 Today’s article is the third in a series I call the “Getting work done” article series. One of the most common things we face as Linux enthusiasts is the “vacuum of despair” that comes about from switching family to Linux without fully thinking through backups… Read more »

  • Ubuntu MATE Review

    Weirdest Ubuntu MATE Review EVER!

    In a recent video, I gave my viewers a fun walk-through sharing what makes Ubuntu MATE awesome and why I think it’s the perfect distro for newcomers. To that end, here are some of the important highlights of the video included in this article. (Click the image to play the video) Updates – Historically, updating… Read more »

  • Editing fstrim

    How To Optimize Ubuntu for Speed

    The release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is right around the corner and lots of users will be reloading their systems to take advantage of all the new features and updated software. Also, many other distributions are based on Ubuntu’s LTS versions, so all of you Linux Mint, elementary OS, Linux Lite and Zorin users can… Read more »

  • Skype’s Dead – All Hail WebRTC

    Today’s article is the second in a series I call the “Getting work done” article series. Updates Added – see the bottom of the article: It seems like only yesterday that Skype came onto the scene. Suddenly, the idea of making calls over the Internet felt completely doable. Before this, the alternatives were pretty limited…. Read more »

  • Synergy

    Control Linux Boxes With Synergy

    Today’s article is the first in a series I call the “Getting work done” article series. Let’s face it, there are instances where jumping from PC to PC is a bit of a downer – even when it’s something awesome like a Linux PC. Sure, it may not be difficult to walk across the room,… Read more »

  • How to Verify the Integrity of a File with SHA-1

    (Matt’s addendum to Eric’s video) There are other Secure Hash Algorithms available, however for the demonstration in this video, Eric will be using SHA-1. Raspbian for example, offers what you need to verify your download using SHA-1. While it’s depreciated when compared to other Secure Hash Algorithm options, it does provide you with an idea… Read more »

  • Lessons from the Linux Mint Hack

    POSTED 3:43PM PST, Sunday — Unless you’re completely unplugged from the Linux news media, by now you’ve heard about the exploit that affected both the Linux Mint WordPress site and the Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon edition. What you need to know: Softpedia provides a solid account and breakdown of events. However, they did miss something…more… Read more »

  • Plex Media Server on the Raspberry Pi 2 – Joy and Anguish

    Over the years, I have been collecting DVDs, backing up the movies to a desktop computer for playback on its big screen. Recently, projects like Kodi and Plex media server came along and promised to not only offer those same movies in a pleasing GUI, but to gather metadata about the movies and to save… Read more »