PCLinuxOS MATE Review

PCLinuxOS Review

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PCLinuxOS MATE Review.

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PCLinuxOS Tips I’ve shared:

PIA CLI option:

How to make DaVinci Resolve 16 work:

Parental controls:

Install drakguard, reboot, Will appear in Security under “Configure your computer” area.

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Have an upcoming announcement video coming up. Basically, changing YT channels as explained here . ┬áThis video is using a technique that’s called an “ice breaker.” Actual video (when posted later this week) explains changes in the channel, me coming back to Linux Thurs and more.

Summary: Doing Linux Thurs again, my own Linux videos are coming back for Patreon members at all levels on early access – videos I make will be public after a month with each release, so Patreon members get first dibs. My old primary YT channel is being re-purposed to do other content.