PCLinuxOS MATE Review

PCLinuxOS Review

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PCLinuxOS MATE Review.

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Published for Patreons on Oct 8th 2019. Available to the public Oct. 17th, 2019 – Become a Patreon today to get this plus exclusive Linux tips not found anywhere else!

PCLinuxOS Tips I’ve shared:

PIA CLI option:

How to make DaVinci Resolve 16 work:

Parental controls:

Install drakguard, reboot, Will appear in Security under “Configure your computer” area.

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Have an upcoming announcement video coming up. Basically, changing YT channels as explained here . ┬áThis video is using a technique that’s called an “ice breaker.” Actual video (when posted later this week) explains changes in the channel, me coming back to Linux Thurs and more.

Summary: Doing Linux Thurs again, my own Linux videos are coming back for Patreon members at all levels on early access – videos I make will be public after a month with each release, so Patreon members get first dibs. My old primary YT channel is being re-purposed to do other content.

YouTube video

Linux Gaming With Valve Proton – For The Record

Linux Gaming With Valve Proton - For The Record

Linux Gaming With Valve Proton. The chat room and I discuss the development of a WINE port called Proton. Designed to allow Windows games to run on Linux with Steam, I share my experiences with it and provide a working demo as well. (Just a note. AC was running during the video. So yes, there is background noise in and out, with noise filtering only able to do so much. My comfort vs sound quality…guess which one wins. )