• Learning To Love Learning Linux

    As 2015 comes to a close, I have come to realize a great truth: the best thing I ever did was to dump Windows and switch completely to Linux. I speak from my own experience but I also speak for many of my EzeeLinux clients who feel the same way. Of course, your mileage may… Read more »

  • Making Backups with Grsync

    Again and again, we are reminded by computer gurus to be sure to backup anything on our computers that we don’t want to lose. Still, you’d be amazed at how many users, both personal and professional, don’t bother to do so. I once had a nightmare scenario play out in a radio facility where the… Read more »

  • Cleaning Linux: Jed’s Nappy /boot

    My home NAS machine is an Ubuntu 14.04 machine with a ZFS volume. I need the linux-headers packages in order to compile my ZFS dkms modules. Those take more space than the kernels tend to, so I try and stay on top of removing them. Wonder how many I have? > dpkg-query -l linux-header* |… Read more »

  • Gnarly Backup Logo

    Finding the Offending Directories

    Gnarly Backup School Series   We have washed up on the shores of find…all these files drifting around us in the surf. Remember: In the last article I asked you to try finding all the files in your home directory more recent than your last backup. Here, we’ll pull the tab on that can and… Read more »

  • ubuntu-dual-boot

    The Dual Boot Deception

    Traditionally, Linux developers have had a major obstacle to overcome to get folks to try Linux – the fact that the prospective user will have to install it. These days, most computers come pre-loaded with an operating system like Windows or Apple’s OS X. All you have to do is take the computer out of… Read more »

  • Gnarly Backup Logo

    Finding Recent Files

    Finding Recent Files Gnarly Backup School Series Before you suggest that it is better to use a backup program like Bacula or Amanda, I shall insist that making backups from the command-line is mighty useful. In scenarios where you are running in an embedded system (Rpi, Beaglebone), or a headless server that you want to… Read more »

  • Backup Plex For Ubuntu Reliably

    It’s no secret that I like watching TV. From movies to TV shows, I like ’em all. I’m also a very happy cord cutter. This means I use a combination of services ranging from Netflix to Amazon Prime for my video content. I also have a fair bit of media on Plex. Like a lot… Read more »

  • Made by Albert Westra using with MyPaint and Gimp/Gmic

    Boost Your Hard Drive with Bcache

    A few weeks ago I converted my friend’s Chromebook from its stock ChromeOS to Ubuntu. As payment, he let me keep the Kingston 16GB M.2 SSD which we replaced with a bigger 240GB SSD. My laptop has two mSATA ports, which means I can put that 16GB SSD in my Laptop as long as I… Read more »

  • Locked Up with Linux

    The sheer versatility of the Linux kernel truly knows no bounds. It can be found, literally, everywhere. From your local library to your local big box retailer, Linux is barely a stone’s throw away. There are very few places in the world that can be considered Linux-free. A small tribal village? Maybe. A shade tree… Read more »

  • Keeping Linux Clean

    One of the great things about Linux is how stable it is over time. The biggest challenge with Linux is getting it installed, finding and configuring the software you need to get stuff done. Once you get that accomplished, it pretty much just runs. There’s not much in the way of system maintenance you have… Read more »