About Us

justpenguinThe goal of Freedom Penguin is simple — to become your source for all things Linux.

Beginner to intermediate Linux “how-to” articles, a Linux help column called “Just Ask Matt”, and soon — Linux software reviews.

Whether you are looking for information on new software, how to re-tool existing hardware, or simply re-evaluate how to tackle Linux challenges – we’re here to help.

Some of the areas we’ll cover here at Freedom Penguin include:

Software reviews: Software reviews for its features, then tested on Ubuntu and Arch.

Just Ask Matt: Get your Linux questions answered — even if I don’t have the answer, I will find someone who does.

Contributor articles: Topics covered by the contributors will range from “think pieces” to newbie help and advanced Linux topics.

Community driven: Polls will be set up to vote on which applications will be reviewed, in additional to determining what future projects will be tackled by Freedom Penguin.