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SSH Is For Dummies Too!

If you’ve been hanging around the Linux ecosystem for any length of time, you’ve most likely heard about SSH. For those who may not already know, SSH is a secure shell that allows you to log into any computer, anywhere in the world, that is running an SSH server. You might think that it’s just… Read more »

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PulseAudio is a Toilet Full of Roses

Before I even begin, allow me to save you some time. If you’re convinced that PulseAudio is going to ruin your Linux experience, then you can try the tips in this article to disable it in Ubuntu. Should you try to remove it, good luck. Yes, it’s “possible“, but it’s not something I recommend. For… Read more »

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Sound Effects For Your Linux Application Launchers

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hey, wouldn’t it be awesome to add really annoying sound to my Linux application launchers?” Yeah, this happened to me the other day. But rather than keep this to myself, I decided to show you how to do the add fun sound effects to application launches and even demonstrate… Read more »

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Poor man’s Guide to Remote Linux Desktop Support

Before anyone poo-poos this, read the ENTIRE article first. 😉 Today’s article is the third in a series I call the “Getting work done” article series. One of the most common things we face as Linux enthusiasts is the “vacuum of despair” that comes about from switching family to Linux without fully thinking through backups… Read more »

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How To Optimize Ubuntu for Speed

The release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is right around the corner and lots of users will be reloading their systems to take advantage of all the new features and updated software. Also, many other distributions are based on Ubuntu’s LTS versions, so all of you Linux Mint, elementary OS, Linux Lite and Zorin users can… Read more »

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Control Linux Boxes With Synergy

Today’s article is the first in a series I call the “Getting work done” article series. Let’s face it, there are instances where jumping from PC to PC is a bit of a downer – even when it’s something awesome like a Linux PC. Sure, it may not be difficult to walk across the room,… Read more »

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Installing Ubuntu MATE on a MacBook Pro with UEFI

Back in October, I explained how you can install Ubuntu on a Mac. It was a complete guide that included everything from dual-booting with OS X down to making sure the you’re able to use the right tools for the initial partitioning. In this article, we take it to the next level by doing the… Read more »

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Schedule Tasks with Cron

I tell people who are curious about Linux that you really don’t need to open a terminal to run a Desktop. The terminal is a scary thing for noobs. They get the willies when you start talking about it. While it is true that modern desktops provide pretty much all the point-and-click functionality you could… Read more »

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Parsing a Git Patch with Bash

I probably could have done this in perl and it would have been much faster…but I could say that about a lot of things. My problem is that Perl is not my command-line. Perl can be a REPL, but bash always is a REPL. Ever look at a patch file? If you’re a programmer that… Read more »

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Manage your Linux Box with htop

There is one application that I simply must have on every Linux system I install and that’s htop. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a virtual machine or installed on hardware. It doesn’t matter what distribution it is or whether the system is running a GUI Desktop Environment or not, I gotta have htop. It has… Read more »