Write Your Own CPU Meter in Bash

Write Your Own CPU Meter in Bash

Here’s a fun little project that is a pretty good combination of array use and pattern manipulation.

Screenshot of Bash CPU Meter
Bash CPU Meter
function get_mhz() {
   while read line; do
      if [[ $line =~ cpu\ MHz ]]; then
         local hunks=(${line})
         local ahz=(${hunks[3]})
         local bars=$(( (${ahz%%.*} * (${COLUMNS} - 12) )/3500))
         printf "%s:%${bars}s\n" $ahz '=' | tr ' ' '=' 
   done < /proc/cpuinfo
while [[ 1 = 1 ]]; do
   stty_line=(`stty size`)
   get_mhz | sort -rn 
   echo ""
   sleep 1

I could go on and on about it, but I’d rather you just ask me questions.

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