Linux Bluetooth Headset Fix

Linux Bluetooth Headset Fix

Linux Bluetooth Headset Fix. Here’s how I got my Broadcom BCM20702 chipset generic Bluetooth dongle to provide both high-fidelity and headset capability to my Bluetooth headset with mic.


Plugable USB Bluetooth Adapter: Solving HFP/HSP and A2DP Profile Issues on Linux

In a terminal:

First let’s make sure we have a compatible USB Bluetooth dongle, we’re looking for a specific/common Bluetooth Broadcom chipset.

sudo lsusb

You’re looking for Broadcom Corp. BCM20702A0 The part we care about is BCM20702. If that’s listed, keep going. If not, search the web for “Broadcom BCM20702 for sale” and invest $10 to $15 or so.

Let’s download the firmware.


This downloads the firmware from’s storage at aws to your home directory. Verify the directory exists and has firmware in it. If not, you may be out of luck.

 ls /lib/firmware/brcm

Now let’s move the firmware from home to the appropriate directory.

sudo mv fw-0a5c_21e8.hcd /lib/firmware/brcm/BCM20702A0-0a5c-21e8.hcd

Now let’s make sure the naming scheme is appropriate for most kernels by giving it both a A0 and A1 naming scheme for the file.

sudo cp /lib/firmware/brcm/BCM20702A0-0a5c-21e8.hcd /lib/firmware/brcm/BCM20702A1-0a5c-21e8.hcd

Now Reboot.

Both profiles should now work without issue if you met the following requirements:

  1. The right chipset in the dongle. Broadcom BCM20702-ish
  2. Follow the directions exactly and rebooted.
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