Top 5 Reasons Why Linux Mint Is Better

Top 5 Reasons Why Linux Mint Is Better

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Top 5 Reasons Why Linux Mint Is Better. In this video why I think Linux Mint is better. Not saying Linux Mint the best distro, I’m saying that it’s often times better than that “other” OS most people are using. I also think it’s better than some other distros out there. In future videos, I’ll be offering the same Linux distro insights on why I think the distro I’m featuring is better than its alternatives and why.

# Linux Mint is a community project. Instead of owing favors to large corporations, Linux Mint is free to take the path its developers believe is best.

# Linux Mint puts the newbie user first. No matter what development turns Linux Mint has taken over the years or who Mint has appealed to, Linux Mint has always put the newer Linux user first.

# Linux Mint is always ffine-tuningthe Mint tools and other elements of the layout. Linux Mint always seems to take what’s working best and then works to make it even better.

# Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu LTS. Being based on Ubuntu LTS (long term support) means a longer release cycle and often times, a less buggy release overall.

# Linux Mint has all the desktop environments you could want. Well, enough for most of us anyway. Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce offer us a ton of choice.

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