Firefox vs Chrome & Other Browsers

Not too many years ago, Firefox was king of the jungle. Sadly, this is no longer the case. Is Chrome the browser to beat in 2017 on the Linux desktop? Can Firefox or other alternatives possibly make a dent in Chrome’s reign? I examine this matter closely.

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Matt Hartley
Freedom Penguin’s founder & talking head – Matt has over a decade working with Linux desktops, his operating system experience consists of both Windows and Linux operating platforms. In addition to writing articles on Linux and open source technology for and, Matt also once served as a co-host for a popular Linux-centric podcast.

Matt has written about various software titles, such as Moodle, Joomla, WordPress, openCRX, Alfresco, Liferay and more. He also has additional Linux experience working with Debian based distributions, openSUSE, CentOS, and Arch Linux.

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Jay LaCroix
Hi Matt, I agree with your take on browsers. In my case, I also see Google Chrome as the most superior browser. However, I won’t use it, as it’s not fully open source, and it can’t be trusted from a privacy perspective. Firefox may not be as good, but it’s what I go to, because it’s really the only choice for someone like me that cares about these types of things. However, when it comes to third-party browsers, there’s a very important consideration that you didn’t mention: security. I think people are way too eager to try out and trust… Read more »

I have been using Chrome for a good number of years. I have recently moved back to Firefox. I was interested in your comment about chrome being faster, so I have just tested both on my PCLinuxOS desktop PC. Using Peacekeeper web-browser test and Firefox came out faster…

Firefox = 4915
Chrome = 3957

Jay LaCroix

Firefox is definitely faster and more responsive now than it’s ever been. Those findings don’t surprise me.

Jordyn Carattini

I use firefox because I don’t wanna have to jump through hoops to get a web browser. :p