Linux Apps I'm Excited About

5 Linux Apps I’m Excited About

5 Linux Apps I’m Excited About. It’s difficult to keep track of the various apps (applications/software) out there for Linux since there are more choices available than what we see in our distro’s repositories. That said, there are some apps that have me more excited about using Linux than ever before. Here’s my top 5 Linux apps I’m excited about.

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5 Linux Apps I’m Excited About

Emby – ( Emby is one of those media server applications that I believe give Plex a real run for its money. Not as modular as Kodi mind you, but pretty amazing none the less.

Cinelerra GG Infinity – ( Based on Cinelerra-HV and having made contributions to Cinelerra-CV, Cinelerra GG is considered to the most frequently developed version of Cinelerra for 2018-19.

Krita – ( Krita is a painting program with GIMP/Photoshop likely functionality built in. It’s running a great new interface that has the capability of producing professional level painting results. Krita is in my opinion, more than a simple painting app. It’s an all out design program for creating amazing works of art.

Vivaldi – ( Vivaldi is basically the web browser than made me fall in love with surfing websites again. Fast, modern and full of highly customizable features I expect from a decent Linux web browser in 2019.

Akira – ( Akira is not merely an app like GIMP or Krita, it’s a design suite being developed for professional UX/UI creation. It needs your support however. So if this is an application you’d love to see made available for Linux enthusiasts, I suggest showing your support with their Kickstarter asap. Akira has the opportunity to be an amazing addition to those needing more creative software on their Linux distros.

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