10 Reasons Why I Use Linux

10 Reasons Why I Use Linux

10 Reasons Why I Use Linux. While my choice of Linux distros may vary, my decision to remain with popular Linux distros as a platform is stronger than ever. Today I talk about my top 10 reasons why I use Linux exclusively.

  1. Linux only updates when I choose.
  2. I can choose the Linux distro layout, feel and features.
  3. Linux supports more hardware.
  4. Linux is fixable.
  5. Linux is free as in free beer.
  6. Linux is secure and safe to use.
  7. Linux is stable.
  8. Linux is simple to maintain.
  9. Linux support is excellent.
  10. Linux is perfect for sharing and collaboration.

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Matt Hartley
Freedom Penguin’s founder & talking head – Matt has over a decade working with Linux desktops, his operating system experience consists of both Windows and Linux operating platforms. In addition to writing articles on Linux and open source technology for Datamation.com and OpenLogic.com/wazi, Matt also once served as a co-host for a popular Linux-centric podcast.

Matt has written about various software titles, such as Moodle, Joomla, WordPress, openCRX, Alfresco, Liferay and more. He also has additional Linux experience working with Debian based distributions, openSUSE, CentOS, and Arch Linux.