5 Linux Mint Issues For Windows Users

5 Linux Mint Issues For Windows Users

5 Linux Mint Issues For Windows Users. Any Windows user considering the switch to Linux Mint would be wise to consider the following points before taking the leap into a new Linux distribution. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have you join us! But there are issues to consider before switching from Windows over to Linux Mint.

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  1. Why are you switching to Linux Mint? Before you try a new operating system like Linux Mint, consider your motivation first.
  2. Windows software doesn’t run on Linux Mint. Not saying it’s impossible to run Windows software on Linux Mint, rather that it requires addition software and some know-how, first.
  3. Hardware is handled differently on Linux Mint. There is no device manager in Linux Mint, unlike Windows. That said, you can do this to troubleshoot driver issues in Linux. In this example, we’re going to look for a wifi driver.
    sudo lshw -C network

    (lists available network devices, gives IP, speed capable, driver module name, etc.

    In the case that network manager isn’t detecting the wifi card, you might see something like network UNCLAIMED, then the name of the wifi device. We simply grab the name of the wifi device from the command above, head to another computer and Google it. With the Linux recognized name in hand from your query, run the following command:

    modprobe nameofdriverhere

    Then make sure it’s loaded.

    lsmod | egrep -v "\s0"

    (to list loaded modules). That’s it.

  4. Windows updates can overwrite Linux Mint. It’s not that widely known, but there have been instances where a Windows 10 update has wiped out a Linux Mint (and other distros’) boot record. Just Google search windows 10 update removed Linux boot record.
  5. Linux Mint isn’t for everyone. Hey, Linux Mint is great. But perhaps it’s not your cup of tea. Even more to the point, maybe you’re happy with Windows. That’s okay, too.
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