Save LAS – A Fun Idea

In a response to the recent LAS episode and following Reddit thread, Bryan Lunduke and I did some brainstorming. He and I both have a lot of history with LAS and would really hate to see it disappear in its current form. So I presented and idea to Bryan, who then fine tuned it and this is what we came up with.

Mind you, this idea is literally just be a “Big Tent” concept to shake folks from their seats a bit, gaining some fun attention for the show.

Also consider the fact that folks in said Reddit thread have expressed a desire for a trip down memory lane. Do it or don’t, I’m just extending an olive branch.

(From the original Reddit post)

Since Bryan wasn’t able to post here, I’m re-sharing his words under my account. My only thing to add is this:

Ditto what that Lunduke guy said. No agenda…fact is, we too have a legacy stake in seeing you guys kicking ass and taking names.


—————————– Bryan’s Wall of text-————————–

Yo Chris and Noah! Bryan here. Bryan Lunduke. We’ve met. It was awesome.

Ok. So, as one-half of the co-creators of this delightful little podcast known as the “Linux Action Show”, I have thoughts. Many. And they are delightful.

== I don’t want it to go away. ==

I don’t want to see LAS die. That decision is totally up to you guys, obviously. But I love having it out there. Both for selfish reasons (I rather enjoy that something I helped create and build is still rocking and rolling years later) and for less-selfish reasons.

LAS provides an amazing opportunity to showcase some of the best that the Linux (and related) community creates. I love that.

We’ve accomplished some amazing things over the years simply by existing. We can point to multiple instances where entire trajectories of projects have changed because of an episode of LAS. How amazing is that? There’s a clear, direct impact that this show can have on the world we live in.

Plus, there have been some episodes that have been a lot of fun to both be part of and to watch (even many years later).

It would seriously bum me out to see it go away.

== I’m not alone. ==

I was just talking with this other guy you might have met once or twice, Matt Hartley. He doesn’t want LAS to go away either.

It’s worth pointint out that two people who are no longer involved with LAS, in any way, and who produce content that might be viewed to be directly competing with LAS… want LAS to survive.

Nay. We want LAS to thrive.

It benefits us (a rising tide and all that) and benefits the community.

== Use us. ==

After Linux Action Show I co-founded Bad Voltage. After a few years I moved on from that show to focus on my own content (and because I couldn’t make my schedule and Jono’s schedule line up).

Why do I mention this? Because, back at SCALE, the Bad Voltage boys put on a live show. This was their first live show after I left the podcast and was planned completely without me. Yet, even then, they used me. They made (good natured) jokes at my expense. They brought me on stage for a bit.

The net result? They get to make their existing audience happy to have included a past host (nostalgia can be fun) and they get to use my own audience to their advantage (as I will surely promote their show to my audience).

Plus, I got to have a good time goofing off and putting on a good show with friends while, simultaneously, getting some free publicity for my own work. Win-win!

I’m here. Matt is here. Use us. Clearly I don’t have time to be a full-time co-host for LAS — but I’d gladly do a few episodes here and there. I definitely am not vying for Noah’s position. :p

== Specific Idea. ==

How about this — temporarily bring back old hosts. In a big way.

Have each of those old hosts on… and do those episodes in the old style of each host. Let those co-hosts determine the general structure of each of those episodes.

Have me on and have me do a full-on, old-school introduction. “ALLLLL THIS WEEK” and whatnot. Maybe even use that old style logo and that crazy theme song we had made.

It would be fun! People would get a kick out of it.

And, in the end, you’ll be able to look back on a few weeks worth of episodes (of various styles and structure) and determine what worked the best for you and for the audience.

The great part? If nothing clicked; If nothing jived with the audience or yourself — you still got to have a blast doing some funky episodes in “retro style”. And, almost undoubtedly, you’ll get a bit of a boost in numbers. Heck, we all will. A rising tide, dude!

I’ll say it straight up: I’m here for something like this if you’d like to try it. And Matt is as well.

More great Linux goodness!

Matt Hartley
Freedom Penguin’s founder & talking head – Matt has over a decade working with Linux desktops, his operating system experience consists of both Windows and Linux operating platforms. In addition to writing articles on Linux and open source technology for and, Matt also once served as a co-host for a popular Linux-centric podcast.

Matt has written about various software titles, such as Moodle, Joomla, WordPress, openCRX, Alfresco, Liferay and more. He also has additional Linux experience working with Debian based distributions, openSUSE, CentOS, and Arch Linux.

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Jason Redepenning

I like to 2 things 1 I like a podcast that las with focus on teaching basic Linux techniques. For newbie. 2. Like see reviews of disros and best uses for it. Servers or desktop

Joseph Dickson

The last few years LAS had started to drag a bit when it started hitting 1.5 hours an episode. Cutting 15-20 minutes and keeping segments moving would really improve things.

It where the news with sections and a little bit of mostly funny conversation. Now is almost all a conversation and Noah, is not as funny as Lunduke and Harley commenting. Now that it is not fun to watch I do read the show notes and save he time to watch them. I think it would a better idea that you both make another show without those long interviews, with the news, app picks, and jokes about whatever is possible made with “action” and I mean a not bored way of telling the news. Because the problem is that it… Read more »